The importance of Quantity Surveyors in Kenya spear head the entire stages of a build project.  They are the chief monetary advisers. Say a project costs KSH 100 million, they are required to justify how and where such funds were utilized.

Quantity surveyors have flexible and ever-expanding roles that include:

  1. Preparation of Bills of Quantities (these are competitive price quotations for specialist services and materials required during the build process).
  2. Carrying out feasibility studies on the proposed site and working out what a client can afford to build.
  • With viable knowledge of contract law, the Quantity Surveyor could advice on the most appropriate types of contract.
  1. Surveying, recording site measurements for valuing and/or being up to date whenever variations to the site occur.
  2. Commissioning the payment of other construction personnel.
  3. Preparation of final accounts.
  • Advising on budgetary cost control to avoid exaggerated costs.
  • Preparing tender documents, inviting tenders and advising during the tendering process.
  1. Preparing cash flow projections
  2. Designing schedule of materials for labour contracts
  3. Playing the role of arbitrator during disputes. Some Quantity Surveyors make the best negotiators.



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