Frequently Asked Questions

How will my project cost?

This will depend on the size of the project, desired quality and location.

Can my Project Fit in my Plot?

Depending on statutory restrictions and desires of the client, a convenient usable space can be created in a project out of any reasonable sized plot.

How long will the project take?

This will be pegged on availibility of finances, cordination and site management.

Can i be safeguarded from contractor's non perfomance and ill motives.

Your project should be assigned to a qualified construction project manager whose core roles entails follow ups and information coordination in the project.

Can i get a consultant to manage many hustles of follow ups and information sharing?

Yes, This headache can be taken care of; with our well versed project management expertise we will handle all coordination and follow ups.

General Questions

How do you keep a project from going over budget?

Achieving a desired budget is a group effort and should be addressed early and often throughout the beginning phases of the design and construction documentation. This is how it looks: A client has a budget, we try to design a project close to that budget, then we get a contractor on board early in the design process (if it is a residential project) so that the contractor can apply a much sharper pencil to the current design numbers and then compare with the budget numbers. An architect has a general idea of square footage costs due to experience and history, but a contractor knows the specific unit and labor costs. Along the way, clients are also making normal decisions that affect the budget one way or another. It is our job to try and get all the moving parts to the contractor as soon as possible so that, along with the client’s design wishes, we can make decisions that are in line with the budget. We should have clever ideas on how to make the design work within their finances. Doing this open book, constant communication, as a team involves back and forth communication with everyone until the numbers are acceptable and a design is approved. Commercial projects are more structured and that process is defined by the industry.

Why do we want to see the job site before trying to design?

Occasionally someone asks me to help them come up with design ideas for a project without the chance to visit the potential build site first. Commercial or Residential projects both sit on a piece of land that has unique conditions to it that will define the project. Whether it is access to the site, existing utilities locations, existing water features, neighboring structures, or view corridors etc., these all effect the design and layout. The most optimal project solution takes into consideration the site and all of its existing conditions.

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